23 April 2011


The older I get, the more I've come to realise how it is the food of the major festivals that matters to me more than anything else. It's one reason that I heartily approve of the North American Thanksgiving, which is pretty much just about food.

Easter is older than Christianity, of course, being a celebration of the beginning of the growing year, life reborn and all that. We had a combined St. George's Day/Easter celebration this afternoon.

There were some traditional British Easter foods in there - hot cross buns (can't imagine Easter without those) and Simnel Cake (which I haven't ever made before).

The almond paste balls represent the apostles. There are only 11, because Judas isn't invited to this particular feast. I was intending to make 12 (I always feel rather sorry for Judas), but ran out of paste. So he got left out again. Ah well, there's no fighting with tradition, it seems.

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Linda said...

We made hot cross buns and Easter bread! Love the special foods for the special holidays!