12 June 2011


At this time of year there are stands of Ox-eye daisies in various places around the farm, particularly on the edges of the hayfield. This clump were in a shady corner of the ash woods.

They're not a native plant, but they always cheer me up when I see them. I even picked a few and normally I'm not into cut flowers. I would probably tell you that I prefer to see them growing in the ground if you were to ask me why. Which is partially true, although I suspect that lack of time to think about growing a cutting garden is probably more to do with it. I have a deep admiration for gardeners like Sarah Raven or fellow blogger Karen Hall who do amazing things with beautiful flowers grown for cutting. It's something I aspire to, but somehow know that I'm never going to achieve...


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

I think a white cup filled with daisies is a perfect summer bouquet. I know they make me smile. :)

Lisa said...

Daisies... My favorite floor. A poet once wrote " God laughs in flowers." if that is true, then his belly laughs are daisies.
Happy flowers, sunshine flowers. Thanks for posting a great picture