21 July 2011

Definitely summer

Today is the hottest we've ever had here, with a high temperature this afternoon of 32.7°C/90.9°F. The relative humidity was at 72%, so it felt more like the mid-forties (or 115°F). You didn't want to spend very long outside...

We had a fair bit of rain on Monday, as I reported that day. The great thing about the high humidity is that the soil has not dried out, despite the high temperatures. When I parked the car in Deseronto yesterday, there were still quite deep puddles in evidence, two days after the rain. This lack of evaporation might give some of my poor parched vegetables a chance of survival.

The greenhouse-grown tomatoes are beginning to take over the kitchen counter:

And the first of the 'Rosa Bianca' eggplants/aubergines is nearly ready to pick. This was how it looked a day or two ago. I love the shape of these fruit - don't you think it looks a bit like an elf's head? With the green part its hat? Or is the heat finally getting to me...?

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Linda said...

We are going past 20 days in a row of triple digit heat! Your veggies look great!!