18 July 2011


It's been dry over the past few weeks and the garden has been suffering. The corn and squash plants are stunted and look unlikely to produce much of a crop. I don't think we'll get a lot of potatoes or outdoor tomatoes, either. Luckily the greenhouse tomatoes are doing fine and we've been picking those for about a week now.

We went into 'water conservation' mode a week or so ago. This basically means that the reject water from the osmosis water treatment system in the house is diverted back into the cistern in the basement, instead of going to the big water tank in the greenhouse. So although there is still water in the tank, it's now only half full and the greenhouse plants were going to be the next casualties of the dry spell, if we hadn't had any rain.

It was quite a relief, therefore, when we woke up to a storm this morning. Only 3mm or so of rain, but better than nothing. I was even more delighted this evening when it went very dark again and we had another storm with an extended spell of rain. I doubt whether it's going to be enough to resurrect the corn, but you never know. You can't be a gardener without being a foolish optimist, after all...

Stormcloud over cornfield

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Linda said...

Beautiful post and beautiful pics!!!