04 September 2011


I'm conscious that I usually share the tourist-brochure view of Prince Edward County in these posts. Just for a little balance, here I'm treating you to a glimpse of a candidate for 'Most Ugly Building of the County'. I stopped to take its likeness yesterday on one of my bike-excursions:

A true monstrosity: unattractive grey bricks, awful windows (if that's the right word for them) and a general appearance of a high-security prison for the most dangerous pigs in the world.


Linda said...

I agree! It IS ugly! Is it really a prison?

Esther Montgomery said...

If I were a pig, I wouldn't want to live upstairs. I wouldn't want to live there at all. But then . . . maybe I would never be allowed outside to see what I am living in.

Here, there are rules about how much space a pig has to live in etc. and these are more strict than in some countries from which we import pork - which makes the economics of pig farming in England difficult so there are sometimes calls for restrictions to be lifted. But even as things are, there are many farms where I would not like to live, if I were a pig.

Jim Hair said...

I know the farmer who owns the building. It actually houses chicken broilers and is very comfortable inside with complete climate control. Very comfortable & very safe. No fox access. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the update Jim!