05 January 2013


Yesterday's high winds made for an unpleasant day. I ended up in the ditch twice: not in a car, luckily, but rescuing our recycling boxes and their contents from the water at the front of our property where they were blown twice by the wind before the truck arrived to collect them. Later on, I did drive to the library to take some books back and it took three times as long to get there as usual, with drifts blown all over the roads from adjoining fields. Not much fun.

Today's weather is completely different: clear and still. It's pleasant to be out admiring the snow-sculptures made by yesterday's winds along the fence lines:

This one made me think of meringue when it has reached the 'stiff peak' stage:

The poor chickens haven't been out since Christmas with the snow that we've had. This morning, as it was a little milder and much more still than it has been, I've cleared some of the snow from their run so that they can go out if they want to. They don't mind a little bit of snow, but they do object to going out in it if there's more than an inch of depth. The cat is the same, come to think of it.

The dog, however, is quite happy to go out whatever the weather.

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