19 January 2013

Unreliably icy

Yesterday morning the lake had frozen over. But today it has turned mild again.

The stream running down the western side of our property has partially frozen over, making the usual interesting patters in the ice. These bubbles looked vaguely biological: like frog spawn or a diagram of a cell and its organelles.

Up in the woods, the ice was more geographical-looking, with contours forming around the bases of the trees.

There's a dead ash tree in that area which something's been having a good nibble at:

The Weather Network's forecast for next week is for some 'proper' winter weather:

I think we'll be stocking up the house with wood this weekend!


Esther Montgomery said...

First time I've had an opportunity to visit and wish you a happy new year.

Happy 2013!

Amanda said...

Thanks Esther: and to you!