29 November 2013

First snow

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning brought our first snow of the winter. It was a windless night, which meant that the snow piled up in impressive layers on top of everything. I was out early, taking Child#1 to school for a trip and the roads near us hadn't been ploughed then.

Later, on my way to work, I had to stop to take this photo of the sumacs at the end of our road. I love the way they look after snow.

In the days following the snow, the temperature dropped and the sun came out. This morning we woke to -17°C/1°F, which is pretty cold for here in November.

In the evenings, the three big silos in the farm next door are acting like a mini-Stonehenge, marking the progress of the sun towards the solstice.

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Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Everything looks so fresh and bright with a coating of snow.