07 December 2013

Decking the halls

A warm day on Thursday removed the last of the previous week's snow, but it's back to cold weather again now. Averagely cold, though, so not really something to complain about and it looks like there is snow in the forecast for the next week or two.

This morning I went out with the dog to identify a suitable candidate for this year's Christmas tree. I found one in the line of trees that is growing in between the two halves of the hayfield and marked it so that Mike and Child#2 can go and harvest it later.

Then I went into the woods to gather some evergreen branches for additional decorations. We've got a few dogwoods growing around the property and I harvested some of the side shoots off those as well, to add a bit of contrast. I really love being able to gather all these things from our own backyard!

And here's the finished product - a simple garland of greenery over the verandah. Now all it needs is an inch or two of snow and it'll look fittingly festive.

UPDATE (Monday morning): The weather obligingly gave me the necessary finishing touch. ;-)


karrie said...

Oh that is beautiful what you made there! It really filled me with the holiday spirit..which is difficult at times to do here in Hawaii..lol I love being able to find things to use for crafts or projects! Especially Christmas decorations! Now I'm wanting to climb the nearest palm tree and make something..LOL

Mark Willis said...

Glad to see someone else who enjoys Dogwood for its festive decorative value! Your garlands look fab, and I expect they small nice too.