21 January 2014

Ineffectual sunlight

 In theory the solar panels work best in cold weather. In practice however, the really cold weather (today's high was -18°C/0°F) brings some snow with it, which refuses to melt at such low temperatures, limiting our production.

With a whole day of brilliant sunshine, you would hope that the snow on the greenhouse might melt a bit. Well, I suppose it did a bit, but hardly enough to notice. Not that there's much growing in there at the moment. Today I took a look inside for the first time in weeks.The sage bush is still holding on in there and I think one or two of my leeks, kale and parsley plants might just be still alive - but otherwise it all looks a bit bleak. It's hard to believe that in the summer months I am busy in there every day.

Really starting to look forward to spring...

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