12 January 2014

It's complicated

One thing that has struck me about winters here is how varied they are, which is not something I was expecting before we emigrated. Snow and ice, yes, I was expecting them, but it's the varied combinations of precipitation and temperatures that makes each winter not quite the same as the last and keeps us all talking constantly about the weather (I know the British have a reputation for talking about the weather a lot - but Canadians have so much more weather to talk about).

The ice storm was a first for us, and this winter was also the first time we'd experienced frost quakes (cryoseisms) - when rapid freezing after the ice storm jolted the house in what felt like a small explosion.

After grumbling about the blizzard-like conditions on Tuesday, I had a lovely walk in the snow-drifts that were left in their wake on Thursday.

There were interesting, meringue-like heaps,

alongside coyote tracks,

and ash trees disguised as silver birches, under an impossibly blue sky. Perhaps winter isn't so bad, after all.

Today's walk was less fun. It has warmed up just enough to make the layer of December ice below the snow unstable. Every so often the ice cracks underneath your weight, maliciously snagging an ankle or unexpectedly dropping your whole body six inches lower.

So yes, my relationship with winter is complex. Just when I'm ready to call the whole thing off, it charms me back. And then trips me up again. Sigh.


Lisa from Iroquois said...

Yes, it is complicated. Perhaps more obviously so for someone who comes from away. I have lived in different parts of Canada and over the years and locations it has always been different and changeable. I expect it will continue to be that way.

Janet Levis said...

I found your blog yesterday and read it through. I really enjoyed it. I will be having a big garden this year as well with a gravity fed irrigation system. Our farm has no running water and no electricity so we don't actually live there full .

I have loved seeing the different types of weather we have had ove the years and the effects it has had on the various crops.