18 May 2014

Greens galore

The greenhouse is producing lettuce and herbs like mad at the moment. Some are ones I sowed this year, others are volunteer seedlings from last year's gone-to-seed herbs and salad crops, like the cilantro/coriander in this clump.

One bed is nearly full of volunteer bok choi - too much to eat and it bolts to seed very quickly. But the chickens seem to love it, so it's not being wasted!

We had hours of heavy rain on Friday which has left the lower vegetable garden too wet to plant anything into, and to add insult to injury we woke up this morning to a very light frost.

I think the squash and pumpkin plants which were already outside have weathered it. As a vote of confidence in their future I sowed a lot of radish seeds around that bed this morning. Apparently radish is a good deterrent against squash bugs, which have been a problem in the past. Tonight is supposed to be cool, too, but after that the temperatures should be much warmer at night. With any luck the soil in the lower vegetable garden will start to dry out a bit. I hope by next weekend most of the tender crops will be safely planted out.

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