06 May 2014

Sacred sights

I was at a work-related event in St. Catharines last week and took the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls for the first time. It's only three hours away from home, but somehow we'd never taken the time to go there, despite being in Ontario for nearly seven years now.

It's still quite early in the tourist season, so there weren't that many people around. What struck me was how mulitnational the crowd was - this really is a place that people will make a pilgrimage to from all over the world.

And with good reason - I had not realised how awe-inspiring this natural feature is.

I loved it and found it hard not to keep smiling as I walked along the gorge, admiring the views and marvelling at all the people who were there with me, recording themselves with the falls as their (literal) backdrop.

I drove home on Sunday and got delayed in traffic in Toronto for a while. But because I did, I saw the meteor which fell over Peterborough at around 4.17 on Sunday afternoon. It's been a week of wonders.

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