31 January 2016

Chickens out

Last day of January and a rare sight: the chickens being able to venture outside. For the last two winters they were cooped up for three months in a row. This winter has been much kinder. There are still a few inches of snow on the ground, but today's temperature is due to climb to 6°C/43°F, so I'm thinking by this evening there won't be too much left.

We have yet to have a day this winter where the temperature has gone below -20°C/-4°F, which is fairly unusual, and the average temperature for the month of January is running at -5°C/23°F, where normally it is -7°C/19°F.

The week ahead looks mild, but then there is a return to more normal winter temperature after that. As this week and last week are usually the cold point of the year, I'm certainly not complaining...


Margaret said...

The weather had been so mild - it has barely felt like winter at all! My only concern are my plants - all these ups and downs and pretty soon there will be no snow cover to insulate them. I hope they don't throw their hands up and call it a day.

Diana Studer said...

we've tipped smartly into autumn coolth
but so grateful for gentle rain to soothe the burnt mountains