21 March 2008

Hot and cold

The hot cross buns were refusing to rise so I went for a walk with Mike, as he'd found some interesting ice formations (we had a hard frost last night after several warmish days (warmth being a relative thing, you understand)). He was right - the stream looked lovely.

Ice formations over the stream

The snow was much easier to walk on - yesterday it had the texture of slightly melted sorbet, but today it was crispy and hard. Here's Mike standing next to the footprints I'd made the day before:

Snow prints

It was so pleasant to walk on that we crossed the hayfield for the first time in months. Well, actually we'd never walked across the field diagonally before, just in the mown strip around the edges. It was cold, but beautiful.

Toby in the snowy hayfield

We'd been gone so long that the buns had grown quite significantly - allow me a small moment of domestic-goddessy pride:

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