28 March 2008


Tulips emerging from soilNow the snow is beginning to melt we're beginning to see things growing outside, too. Here are some bulbs emerging from the soil underneath the living room window. I presume they're tulips, but at the moment they strongly remind me of the seedling stage of Audrey II, the monster plant in the 1986 film version of The Little Shop of Horrors.

Lilac budsAt the side of the house, the buds on the lilac trees are swelling. Prince Edward County is famous for its lilacs, so I'm looking forward to seeing these flower. They do need a bit of pruning, though, which I think is best done after they've flowered, so a job for late May.


Linda said...

I just discovered your blog at Blotanical. When I saw your weather widget, I though, could this person be near me??? Any yes you are. I'm just outside of Belleville. I love the lilacs in the county.

NewMommy said...

That really is beautiful. I started looking through the pictures and forgot how I found your site and why in the first place.