27 March 2008

Spring green

Riesentraube tomato seedlingsHere's a sight to gladden a gardener's heart - the tomatoes that I sowed at the weekend germinated yesterday and are now out of the intensive care of the propagator. They're on the windowsill of the living room, which is within reach of the dog, so I'm hoping that he won't decide to investigate them too closely.

We're beginning to see the end of winter outside, too. As the photo below of the northern shore of Prince Edward County shows, the Bay of Quinte was still frozen and snowy when we came back over the Norris Whitney bridge from Belleville on Easter Monday. But yesterday afternoon when I came over the Skyway Bridge from Deseronto, there was a fair bit of water visible in the middle of the bay, which hadn't been there in the morning (well, it was there of course, but you couldn't see it!).

Snow- and ice-covered Bay of QuinteThere was no ice at all in the Bay when we came here for our reconnaissance trip last Easter, but I suppose that was two weeks later than this year's, so there's still time for it all to melt, unlikely as it seems right now.

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