14 April 2008

My house is being taken over by tomatoes

Scilla flowers and iris shootThis scilla came into flower this morning and next to it is a shoot from one of the iris rhizomes that I painstakingly planted last summer.

I spent a companionable hour this afternoon in the sunshine on the front steps with my mother-in-law, potting on the tomato seedlings into their own pots.I now realise that I've got far too many of the Riesentraube variety, so may have to find new homes for some of those.Re-potted Riesentraube seedlings I've got the same number of Amish Paste, but I'm planning on turning those into freezer fodder, so the quantity won't be such a big issue.

Peppers (Corno di Toro Rosso), aubergines/eggplants (Ping Tung) and chilies (Hungarian Hot Wax - which sounds like something you could opt for at a beauty salon to me) are coming up in the propagator now and will need potting-on themselves before too long. I'm running out of space to put the pots!

Aftermath of tree-root removal in the orchard areaMeanwhile, in what will become the orchard, Mike has been valiantly digging up the roots of the dead trees that he cut down last year (with the help of the trusty tractor). The area looks a bit like the aftermath of the Battle of the Somme at the moment - or the playground of enormous moles.


Linda said...

Amanda, I run a group called Quinte Green Thumbs and if you can't find homes for all your tomato plants you can offer to give them away or trade them with other gardeners in our area.

Esther Montgomery said...

Haven't seen scillas since they grew in our orchard in our garden when I was growing up in Essex.

We had a wonderful photo of an empty path winding its way through the carpet of blue.

It was the route my father had taken to the bonfire in the autumn.

Shows what damage you can do to under-the-ground bulbs if you step on them at the wrong moment!