22 April 2008


Potatoes ready for chittingMy seed potatoes from Eagle Creek arrived yesterday. As the bed which will hold them is still pretty boggy, I've placed them in egg boxes (saved for the output from my future flock of chickens) on top of the basement freezer (empty but ready for all the amazing produce that I intend to harvest this summer), where they'll get some light and the right temperature range for them to start sprouting.

Potato bed, 21 April 2008Mother-in-law and I spent some time weeding the front flower beds in the early afternoon (the tulips are ready to burst open any minute) and later I worked out back on the plot that will hold our perennial vegetables and fruit, removing more of the infernal quack grass/couch grass and digging in some of the manure we obtained last October. Mike watched me struggling for a while then offered to till the plot over with the tractor. I gratefully accepted, so that's one plot that's now looking fairly good - just another seven to go! They're all still too wet to plant or sow anything into, but they have dried out a lot in the last week, so it shouldn't be too long.

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