17 April 2008

Warm sunshine brings forth first tulip ... and first snake

Small yellow tulip

Our first tulip bloom. Soaking up the sun nearby was an Eastern Garter Snake, which must have emerged from hibernation quite recently:

Garter snake basking among the tulips

It was a lovely day yesterday too, polished off by a gorgeous sunset. I made Mike stop on the Skyway Bridge on the way back from Deseronto last night so that I could take this picture of the Bay of Quinte, looking towards Tyendinaga:

Sunset over Tyendinaga, taken from the Skyway Bridge

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LadyLuz said...

Well, I've up to date with your doings and it's time for my bed. It's been lovely today, journeying through the seasons and your life and to arrive finally as Spring arrives.

A wonderful blog. Thankyou. I shall be popping back to see what you're up to....and to pinch more of your lovely recipes!