15 May 2008

Beyond the barnyard

After a hectic week of weeding, sowing and planting in the barnyard, it's good to wander in the woods behind the barns to see what's growing there, where I plan to do no interfering with the natural flora. I was hoping we might have some wild trilliums of our own, but I didn't see any. There were lots of dandelions (loads of those around the house, too) and a few clumps of wild violets (these are also popping up in the front garden, so have weed-like tendencies):

Northern blue violet

Further on I was surprised to find this:

Wild strawberry

Which has got to be a wild strawberry, hasn't it? There was only the one plant, though, and whether I'll be able to find it again when the flowers have become strawberries is another matter. I suspect the racoons or rabbits will get to them first.


chey said...

That definitely looks like a wild strawberry.We have them growing in our lawn. The lawnmower gets to them before the racoons:).You have pretty violets as well.I enjoy the light green foliage of the violets as much as their blooms.

Bramblemoon Farm said...

I have noticed that the dandelions are HUGE this year and there are millions of them, or so it seems. They are very cheerful, though my husband the lawn guru doesn't like them.

I put on my glasses and looked it up in my field guide and it sure does look like a wild strawberry. I keep thinking something else looks like that, but can't remember.

Amy said...

That certainly is a wild strawberry. When I was little our property backed up to untamed forests. We used to pick buckets full of wild strawberries and raspberries.