27 May 2008

Eye of the beholder

Poppies, ready to burst into flowerThe tenant who was in the house last year cut these poppies down to the ground before they had a chance to flower, according to one of our neighbours. Perhaps he thought that they were weeds. I'm sure they'll be lovely when they open up, but I think they look wonderful like this, weighed down with potential.

Where it's been too boggy to cut the grass, the dandelions have been thriving. These are generally considered weeds - but close-up they're beautiful, too.
Dandelion seed head


Amy said...

Oh, those poppies are going to be such a gorgeous display - they are lovely even now. I agree that dandelions are pretty, even if they are considered weeds :)

Esther Montgomery said...

Love the photo of the poppies - it makes photos of the flowers look so conventional!