09 May 2008

Water gardening

Root bed, 28 AprilThis was my root vegetable plot 11 days ago. It was still underwater today (there was pond-weed growing in it, for heaven's sake), so I decided to try digging some drainage channels down the sides of it to help get rid of the water. Mike used his mattock to extend the channels down the slope beyond the fence and by late afternoon the bed looked a bit less soggy:

Root bed with drainage channelsIt might even be possible to get my parsnip, beetroot and carrot seeds sown one day soon! Most of the other beds are still pretty boggy, too, although the garlic and shallots do seem to be sprouting despite sitting in puddles. One of the semi-submerged asparagus crowns that I couldn't fit into the tyres has started sprouting too, which seems amazing.

Captured frogThe planned potato and pea/bean beds are both still pond-like at their southern edges: wet enough to be providing homes for a couple of frogs. Child #1 proved rather better than the dog at catching them.

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