20 July 2008

Raindrops on ...

... well I don't have any roses yet (and that would be far too clichéed), so will have to celebrate the rain we've had today with some other plants.

French marigold:Raindrops on French marigold

Asparagus ferns:Raindrops on asparagus ferns

Broccoli leaf:Raindrops on cabbage leaf

Corn silks (this is a bi-coloured variety - I didn't realise that the silks would be bi-coloured too!):
Raindrops on corn tassels

I thought the broccoli leaf was my favourite, but the corn silks look so completely wanton (especially after having read the posts by the Matron and Amy earlier today), that I think I've changed my mind.


chey said...

Gotta love those raindrops! Great post!

Linda said...

I love taking photos of raindrops on leaves and blooms. Pretty photos.

Amanda said...

We had so little rain last summer that I'm making the most of the chances I get to take these types of photos this year!