01 August 2008

Hornworm again (warning: bad language)

Just the one, but I was amazed and affronted to find it tucking into one of my still-droopy and pathetic-looking waterlogged tomato plants. As I had the camera handy, I thought I'd make a video of me picking it off the plant, to show just how disgusting the procedure is. Unfortunately it doesn't really work as a demonstration of how the caterpillar reacts to being removed, as my response to its spirited defence ruined the carefully-scripted piece.

It squirted green, er, stuff all over my camera too. Everyone's a critic...


Lucy Corrander said...

I've been putting off looking at this post.

I kind-of wish I'd avoided it completely.

Can't face the video.

May suggest convenient children vet it for me first.


Amanda said...

Hi Lucy

Well my kids thought it was hilarious - but that's because they rarely hear me swearing!