03 August 2008


The Striata d'Italia courgettes/zucchini have been doing brilliantly, necessitating the testing of new dishes as ways of using them up. Over Friday and Saturday I made Rick Stein's piccalilli recipe (except replacing runner beans with the yellow wax beans that are also being prolific at the moment). I gave them a final boil in my home canner to be on the safe side, although the recipe didn't call for it. Reading North American books on home-preserving has made me a bit paranoid about botulism!

Despite dubious noises from Mike about the idea of cakes made from courgettes, I gave a Zucchini Muffin recipe a try this morning (except that I replaced the canola oil with melted butter - yes, I'm incapable of just following a recipe). By the time I came to take a photo of the finished muffins there were only these four left, so looks like they were popular (I told the children only that they were 'cinnamon muffins').

I don't know how the piccalilli tastes yet, though it looks OK. I did the bottling part before I had anything to eat yesterday morning - I don't recommend this, as the smell of hot vinegar on an empty stomach is a bit overpowering.


Shibaguyz said...

ideas, ideas, ideas... thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Sounds delicious, thanks for the link to the recipes!