04 September 2008

Heavy metalwork

There have been a few false dawns with progress on the greenhouse (mainly because its height required additional equipment in order for us to be able to work safely). Today things went better, though. Here is the 10.30am view:
By one o'clock we were up to here:
And by 7.00pm it was all looking rather beautiful:

It was very hard work. More so for Mike who spent a lot of time climbing up and down the scaffolding platform. There was a lot of hauling on ropes and manoeuvring the ribs of the greenhouse around. All in hot sunshine, so there was rather a lot of sweating going on too (it really stings when it gets in your eyes, yuk). Although I think it was probably even hotter on the barn roof, where the solar panel guys were working for much of the day.


Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog, having being sent here by a friend who knows that my parents live (and my father gardens) on the north shore of Lake Consecon. I'll be sending them here to read too.

Linda said...

That greenhouse will be wonderful for next year.

Gail said...

Fantastic! I look forward to future posts about the plants living in your greenhouse!

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