01 September 2008

Summer waves

Spent the evening at North Beach Provincial Park. We arrived at 5.00pm, to be told by the ranger that the park shut for the season at 4.00pm. On a hot, sunny, Labour Day? What are Ontario Parks thinking of? Madness. He told us we could leave the car outside the park (just a short walk from the beach), so we did that and had an enjoyable couple of hours in and by the water. Felt rather sorry for the ranger who was trying to get everyone to move their cars out so that he could lock the gates.

I thought about writing a stiff letter of complaint to Ontario Parks about their hare-brained opening hours, but after that lovely evening I'm far too relaxed and content.


Anonymous said...

That's an odd time. Too bad. But if you're relaxed, no point in getting upset.

Gail said...

Hmm...they all wanted to go home early! Nice photo.