10 September 2008

Pond love and Pond Life

I can see why Claude Monet got so obsessed by his pond. I find ours fascinating: it never seems to look the same way twice and is often teeming with life. I try to walk up to it at least every other day. Yesterday these reeds seemed to be trying to express their affection in return:

That image will have to sustain me for a week as I'm now back in the UK.

My mother won one prize in the whole of her school career. It was the Observer's Book of Pond Life, which always struck me as rather an unkind thing to give out as a reward, but I think she was genuinely proud of having won it.


Barbarapc said...

Amanda, so glad I found your blog while poking around Blotanical! Looking forward to learning more about the the various construction projects, the demise of the hornworms and seeing more gorgeous floral photos.

Lucy Corrander said...

Those Observer Guides were pretty good though.

I think a lot of us may owe our love of nature to them, especially delight in looking at things in detail . . . and knowing there is rarely one kind of anything.


Anonymous said...

Well, the pond is my outside destination. So it speaks to me!