15 December 2008

After the rain, the sun...

At the end of last week the weather dropped very cold. This picture shows the dog next to the frozen surface of the stream that runs down from the pond.

Just under his chest you can see a gash in the ice. I've been experimenting with lowering the camera into these gashes to try and capture a fish's-eye-view of the stream underneath the ice:

Today the weather warmed up considerably, with rain which melted all the snow and much of the ice. The lake which the stream feeds was already frozen this time last year, but isn't this time round. Here's the view of the stream this evening:

The rain cleared away as the sun set, leaving a lovely sky.
It's dropping cold again now and it look like there'll be more snow before Christmas. Although the Weather Network woman warned that the "models were not in agreeance" last night, so we'll have to wait and see...


Anonymous said...

"models were not in agreeance" - weather people inventing a new language to cover the fact they don't know what will happen (lol).
I'm enjoying your snow pictures - at a safe distance from reality!

tina said...

It does look so snowy in your neck of the woods. Moving from England to Canada must've been a big change-is the snow one of them?

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Love the fisheye view of the stream.