08 December 2008

Nicely icy

It's been very cold here over the last 24 hours: down to -18°C and no higher than -8°C. There was snow on Saturday night; enough to let the kids go tobogganing for the first time this winter. But by Sunday afternoon they decided it was too cold to stay outside. There was quite a breeze, which made it feel more like -24. Today was as cold but less windy, so it felt more pleasant (as long as you stayed in the sun, anyway).

There were a few icicles hanging from our water-collecting gutters on the big barn:

The stream had several layers of ice over the top of it.

This tree looks as though someone in charge of a line-painting vehicle had got a bit carried away:

The old tree-roots that form much of our western boundary look gorgeous with the snow on them. Well, I think they look lovely anyway, but the snow really enhances their contours and cragginess.


Anonymous said...

oh - icicle pics ... lovely

Anonymous said...

I remember icicles like that many years ago when I was a child.Haven't seen any since which shows how much warmer our winters have become in the UK. Except on Christmas cards of course!