12 December 2008

Moon shots

I read on the BBC website about the moon being at its closest to the earth today, so thought I should make the effort to try and take some pictures of it, since the skies were clear this evening.

The time and date.com site gave me the information I needed about when and where the moon would rise, so I got up to the hayfield just before it was due to appear. At first I thought it was going to be hidden, as it was cloaked in a line of cloud:

But it gradually emerged:

I didn't have a tripod with me, so these were just me trying to hold the camera as steady as possible, and using the 'twilight' setting.

I was out for about 45 minutes in all, which was quite long enough in the sub-zero temperatures.


lostlandscape said...

Thanks for braving the cold to capture these beautiful images--I'd say it was worth it! The moonrise one in particular, with the last of the day's light, is rich and moody.

Amy said...

Gorgeous photos Amanda!! We really wanted to get some photos tonight, but we've been socked in by a snowstorm all day :(


Anonymous said...

I missed it as usual. I assume the camera was pretty steady if you were frozen solid (lol)