30 January 2009

Do I have to go out?

Just taking the green kitchen waste out to the compost bins is a mite challenging when the bins look like this:
Compost bins half buried in snow
The greenhouse is getting a good bit of snowy insulation: Greenhouse half buried in snow
I would hardly venture out at all if it weren't for the dog needing to do what a dog needs to do. It seems to take forever just to put on enough clothes to be able to go out and stay at least mostly warm and dry. Though even the dog didn't waste much time out there yesterday afternoon, when the snow was coming in horizontally and the temperature was -5°C (23°F):


Daphne Gould said...

I have to go to the compost pile today. Luckily my dog has a big yard and an invisible fence so I don't need to take her out.

Linda said...

So funny with your dog coming racing back to the warmth! That does look like a challenging compost situation. Have you seen my compost bin surrounded by green in my post of yesterday? Think I'd prefer your snow - at least the weeds won't be growing under all that.

themanicgardener said...

My cats are similarly reluctant to go out, especially this winter. I guess they're grown up now, and slowing down. They used to get reluctant around -12C (10F), but now they're more like your dog. Dear, dear.