16 June 2009

First fruits

It's hard to believe that the orchard has only been in place for a year. It's coming on well and this year we're getting a few fruit forming on the trees.


Clapp's pears:

Meteor cherries:

Apples (these are Spartans, I think):

Stanley plums (which look exactly the same as the greengages right now):

The gooseberries are looking good, too:

In one corner of the orchard Mike is working on a bigger outside run for the chicks. The longer term plan is to allow the chickens to range freely in the orchard for at least some of the time. I hope they'll keep the bugs down. I need to train them to go back into the run when I want them to though, before I will feel comfortable about doing that.


Anonymous said...

In no time you will be busy preserving fruit.

Heather said...

Hi Amanda- I plan to allow my chicks into the little orchard on my place too. I hope they will eat most bugs in the area. Your fruit trees look very nice!

Linda said...

To be able to grow apricots - what bliss!

Amanda said...

Linda - yes, apricots might not ripen in a Scottish summer, I suppose! But the springs are too cold for me to be able to grow sweet cherries or peaches here, so there are things I hanker after, too...