30 June 2009

Locavorous luncheon

Old friends of my family came to visit today. I went to school with their daughter and have met up with them at family get-togethers in England many times. Their son lives in Toronto, so they are visiting this country and came with him and his family to see us for the day.

As they are regular readers of this blog, I felt honour-bound to use as much of our home-grown produce in the lunch as possible and this was the haul I garnered from the vegetable patch this morning. The potatoes were just about big enough to pick - we had Caribe (the purplish ones), Linzer Delicatesse (the yellow ones) and some Shepody (the other ones!). We also had the first of the meat from our local CSA scheme (which delivers 20lb of locally- (and ethically-) reared meat once a month): lamb mince which I made into kofte kebabs. We washed it all down with local wine and beer, so all-in-all a meal that would make any locavore proud.

It was a really lovely day, and great to see everyone. The two little ones were a bit traumatised by the size of our dog, but I hope they soon recovered from that!


Heather said...

What a great way to show off all that you do! I am betting they were blown away that you raised or had a hand in raising all that they dined on! Good job on that:-D

Anonymous said...

Wow, your veggies look amazing. What a lovely lunch.