06 September 2009

A glimpse of times past

Had a lovely walk around the Massassauga Point conservation area on the north coast of Prince Edward County this afternoon. This spot was once home to a hotel and was a popular resort. Now it is a pleasant tree-shaded place for an afternoon stroll, with good views of the Bay of Quinte.

One of the few passenger ships that is still cruising these waters went by as we got to the end of our walk. This is the Kawartha Voyageur, which does a five-day cruise from Peterborough to Kingston. Sounds like a lovely way of seeing the waterways.

One hundred years ago, these waters would have been busy with steamships. I love this view of the Brockville, anchored at Massassauga Point on 9 July 1908, with a party from the Presbyterian Sunday School in Deseronto on board for their summer picnic outing:


Daphne Gould said...

I left you a meme on my Sunday post if you want to join in.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Going back 100 years, then we might see steamships carrying people and goods. But what will the place be 100 years from now... hmmm. ~bangchik