14 September 2009

Mystery wildflower: please help!

Found an unusual plant in the woods yesterday. I thought I'd seen all the wildflowers that we have here, but this one is new to me. I'm sure that it must be easily identifiable: the leaves look almost like those of a banana plant, they're so large.

It would have been simpler to ID the plant if I'd come across it while it was flowering, I'm sure, but all that is left of the flowers are very long stalks and these dried heads. Leave a comment if you can help me out!

I'm not entirely sure which type of asters these are either (there's a long list of possible candidates). But they looked lovely with the sun setting behind them.


ChickenLover said...

Your mystery wildflower looks like a dock to me - or possibly comfrey?
Hope it's the latter as you can then use the leaves to make a stinky brew as fertiliser, and the leaves are a good addition to the compost heap.

Lucy Corrander said...

Couldn't you just call it a banana?


JamesA-S said...

The leaves look like an Inula. Yellow flowers ?