06 November 2009

Here comes winter

This tree stump is the closest our garden has to a piece of sculpture. I love it and have a lot of photographs of it, taken at different times of the year. These three were all taken in 2007 and show the gradual onset of winter.

November 11:

November 22:

December 11:

The middle one reminds me of British costume dramas, when they spray artificial snow around in an unconvincing attempt to make it look like a real winter.

Here's one from 24 January 2008, looking at it from the other side. According to the weather station records it was -9°C/16°F at 11.45am when I took this photo. Brrr.

What does this piece of wood make you think of?


Lucy Corrander said...

Indeed it is very beautiful - so very beautiful, if ever you found yourselves hard up you could probably sell it for enough to keep you going a few years.


Anonymous said...

It makes me think that I wish I lived in a place that got really cold in the winter! :) I love your progression of seasons, have always loved pictures that do that.

Heather said...

I think it looks like an Elfin Ruler in a winter wonderland. And no, I am not on hallucinogenic drugs. haha

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

A dancer pirouetting.

Love the Nov. 22 one :)

Diana Studer said...

Blacksmith's anvil?

Soilman said...

Here's a very British one...

Looks to me like a side view of a fossilised Davros

Linda said...

In the last photo it reminds me of a wood nymph looking out over the garden.

Linda said...

Hmmm, makes me think of something left over from a Lord of the Rings film set.

The middle photo reminds me of the wedding scene at the end of the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle BBC Pride & Prejudice - spray can snow all around.