19 June 2010

Strawberry season

I've mentioned David Lebovitz's excellent ice cream book The Perfect Scoop before. The only recipe I think is missing is a simple strawberry ice-cream. There's one for strawberry-sour cream ice cream, though, which I've adapted today to use just double/heavy cream.

The adapted ingredients:

1 pound/450g fresh strawberries
¾ cup/150g sugar
1 tablespoon vodka
2 cups/500 ml double/heavy cream
½ teaspoon lemon juice

Slice the strawberries and stir them into the sugar and vodka (the vodka is to help keep the ice cream soft). The strawberries start off looking like this:

and after an hour they'll look more like this:

(at this point we came perilously close to giving up on the ice cream idea completely: the strawberries looked and smelt so delicious).

Blend with the cream and lemon juice - not too much; it's nice to have some chunks of strawberries left.

In his recipe, David exhorts us to "try to eat this ice cream soon after it's been churned." Well, alright then. If I must...


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Yum! Just think, if you used rum instead of vodka that could be your strawberry daiquiri ice cream. ;-)

Grace said...

Hello, and welcome to this side of the pond.
I'm from New Jersey.

I like your title: Cooking in someone else's kitchen.
Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits. I'll eat them plain, too. Have seen mention of David Lebowitz's Scoop recipe book before. That's quite an impressivenumber of birds that you have seen on your left sidebar.

Amanda said...

Thanks Grace!