13 August 2010

Bon Appétit, raccoon

Perfect isn't it? It's a bi-coloured variety called 'Bon Appétit' which I bought from Vesey's seeds in 2008. Vesey's describe it as of "excellent eating quality".

Unfortunately the raccoons agree and we've had maybe seven cobs from this year's crop. The remainder have been stripped on the plant by the pesky creatures, leaving nothing but the vaguely obscene and insulting remains:

This is in my 'three sisters' bed, which for the first time actually worked according to the plan. The beans have been cropping well and the squash plants have spread all around the corn. The idea was that the spiky stalks of the squash stems would deter raccoons. Pah.


Linda said...

Oh my, they are greedy beggars aren't they, not leaving a kernal of corn. Do you have another plan to try to keep them away for next year?

Amanda said...

I had difficulty getting the corn to germinate, too - with mice eating the seed. Right now, I'm thinking that I might have to give up on corn, which is a real shame as it tastes so fantastic when it's fresh from the garden.

Linda said...

It must be galling not just to have the corn stolen, but to have the racoons leave behind the core as a sort of taunt.

Anonymous said...

oh, we had that problem last year. Those naughty coons!! This year I've struggled with the deer getting into the garden.
so frustrating to plant a garden with visions of a huge harvest only to have wildlife strip it!
i guess that's life in the country!