04 December 2010

Here it comes...

A glance at the weather forecast yesterday spurred me into action in the garden. The temperatures were going to be below freezing for the next week and I still had some root crops to lift.

I got five pounds of purple carrots and three pounds of (rather gangly) parsnips, several small red cabbages and a fair bit of broccoli. Then I did a bit more clearing out in the greenhouse, removing the last of the aubergine, pepper and tomato plants. There are still some herbs and greens in there, including this determined little cilantro/coriander plant, which had established itself in a tiny patch of earth on the concrete floor.

Knowing that everything was about to change, I went out and took pictures of the watery landscape yesterday. After a cold night and some light snow this morning, things are already looking different.

Pond yesterday

Pond today

Woods yesterday

Woods today

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Linda said...

What a difference a day makes!!! Loved the veggies!