07 December 2010

Top deck

I was going to call this post 'New Layer', but I see that I've already done that, almost exactly a year ago.

Sigh, so hard to be original. It would have been even more apt for this post, as the new layer in question positioned her egg directly above where the older hen put hers - precariously balanced on top of the nest boxes, instead of safely inside one. There's quite a difference in size between the eggs. And yes, before you say so, I know that this looks just like the picture in that same post from last year.

I've put some more nesting material inside the boxes, to encourage the new hens to lay there. The former lining of hay was looking a bit sparse.

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Linda said...

Well, since I was not a member of the bog world this time last year the pic was new to me! My son in law has hens and we get to enjoy the eggs he sends us!