17 January 2011

Coldest yet

The temperature dropped to a new low of -28.8°C/-19.8°F this morning (at which point the weather-recording device decided to stop working. I don't blame it.) It wasn't quite so cold when I took the dog out for his mid-morning walk. More like -15°C/5°F. He didn't seem to mind, though.

It makes me laugh when he has to negotiate deep snow - he bounds through it, like some kind of giant dog-rabbit.

You wouldn't think that water would be running after such a cold night, but the spring near the pond was still flowing:

In other places, where there had been some water visible a few days ago, the ice had formed interesting new structures on the surface. I thought I'd seen all the different types of ice that could form on or around the stream, but these ones were new to me. They look like flowers, or somebody's crystal-growing chemistry experiment:


Anonymous said...

I know it sounds wierd but I am very envious! I've always wanted to live somewhere that gets really cold. Not really getting any closer to that at the moment living here in the desert! :) Keep warm.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...


When the river here freezes slowly the ice forms like that in a much larger scale. I always think of it as ice "blooming". :)