13 January 2011

White and curvy

It looks like a marshmallow-making machine has gone berserk in places, after yesterday's snow.

I pressed my snow-shoes into service today for the first time this winter. I'm not sure my hips are grateful.

As we're now drowning in eggs, I decided to pickle a couple of dozen. I've never eaten a pickled egg*, so I've no idea if I'll like them or not. But I like eggs and I like pickles, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

*Oh dear, that somehow sounds terribly snobbish.


One said...

Do you use salt? Over here, salted egg is very popular.

Amanda said...

One, that sounds like another good idea. I'd never heard of salted eggs before. Will have to try that!

Shirley said...

Gee the snow really looks like marshmallows. What fun. I've never tried pickled eggs and I'm curious to hear what they taste like.