06 January 2011


Oh dear, what a terrible title for this post. So sorry, but I'm a bit distracted and don't have time to think of a better one. For one thing, I broke open a double-yolked egg today:

I've never seen a double-yolker before, and this is the first we've had from our hens. So that was a thrill. Yes, I'm easily pleased.

After a dearth of eggs in October and November, the hens all started laying at once in mid-December and we've been rather inundated. I made a new mini-sign for our farm-gate one over Christmas:

I'll never make a sign-writer, but it seems to have worked, because this morning we had our first farm-gate sale to a couple who went off with four dozen eggs. We've sold a few eggs to friends and neighbours before today, but these were our first 'proper' customers. The egg mountain is suddenly looking a bit less intimidating. I might let Child#2 have something other than eggs for breakfast...


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

I'd be excited - they look beautiful.

I hadn't realised hens would start laying this early in the year. You've got a lot of eggs!


Quinn said...

I am eating a slice of quiche right at this moment...a sure sign the egg supply got away from me this week!

Aagaard Farms said...

It's so fun, isn't it? First double yoker, first sale. Hens are a constant source of pleasure! You'll be surprised how quickly your customer base can build - we now can't supply demand for our eggs! Lots of people appreciate a farm fresh egg!

Linda said...

I have not yet experienced a double yolk....my son in law has chickens and he keeps us supplied in eggs! I keep looking....he, of course, has had many! We are waiting for our first one!