27 January 2012

Freezing rain

Another morning of freezing rain and no school buses. We seem to have had more freezing rain this winter than any other since we've been in Canada. Although as I type, it's turning into snow. Or 'transitioning' into snow, as the Weather Network people would say.


Esther Montgomery said...

'Precipitation' is another nice word. Stay as warm as is practical!

Lisa from Iroquois said...

We're losing tree limbs like crazy. Worst season in the past 10 years. It'll be a heck of a clean up job come spring.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that term 'transitioning' covers a lot of possibilities.
We are fans of CBC, and have been since married, but when we lived in PEI, we listened to the local station on snowy days, so my children could hear whether school buses were running or not. I must admit that even I enjoyed the odd "snow day", as we were all safe at home and did lots of fun things together.
A favourite song on the local radio station was "You've Got Sawdust On The Floor of Your Heart". See why we only listened on snowy days!
Peg on wet and windy Vancouver Island