12 January 2012


The weather still hasn't quite managed to get into full winter mode. This morning we woke to freezing rain and the cancellation of the school buses. You could probably hear the children's cries of disappointment over missing a day of school from where you are. Then the rain turned to snow, then back to rain again. It's very strange weather, as though a control switch somewhere hasn't quite clicked over to 'Winter' from 'Fall'. It reminds me of last summer, where it took a long time to get properly hot.


Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Oh, poor children. I expect they were clamouring for you to give them extra homework with which they could wile the hours away. (Is that the right kind of 'wile'?)

Lisa from Iroquois said...

Today - Friday, seems like more of the same. As I was trudging down to the mail box this morning, listening to the ice covered tree branches clatter around me, I was wishing for my camera. A lovely morning to be inside by my fire, peering out at the bowed branches and the blanket of fluffy white snow.

Anonymous said...

The weather gets stranger and stranger everywhere it seems. I don't know how there can still be some who try to deny the reality of climate change. It really worries me!