10 January 2012

Getting through winter

At this time of year, my mother's great joy was in watching the slow lengthening of the days. She was always happier once the longest night was past and she could report to the rest of us the hours of sunset and sunrise in the newspaper as they slowly notched respectively forwards and backwards to mark the arrival of spring.

I do that too, to some extent, although the newspaper has been replaced by various websites which give the same information. The other indicator I keep an eye on is the average daily high and low temperatures. Right now we're at the coldest point of the year. For our nearest weather station (the forces base at Trenton), the lowest temperatures are -3°C/26°F as the average daily high and -13°C/7°F as the average low. The period of time when this is the case starts on December 27th and ends on January 15th, when those figures both rise by one degree centigrade. We then stay at the -2/-12 point until February 3rd when the averages go up again.

During February the changes happen more frequently, so that by the end of that month we're at an average high of 4°C/39°F and an average low of -6°C/21°F. It's probably very sad of me, but I've even marked these changes in temperature on my calendar as a way of helping to negotiate the month.

Do you have a similar coping mechanism for the cold, dark stretches of the year?

Please don't comment to tell me that you live in an area where there aren't any cold, dark months because that really won't help me at all. ;-)


Diana Studer said...

I am counting the weeks to March, when we will be able to do some serious gardening again. Are you still hoping to emigrate your mother to join you in Canada?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to do this Amanda but I do of course live in a place where the winters are less cold and dark though we definitely have the shorter days, and I love them! It is such a change for me from the long, hideously hot days of the summer. I love to get up early in the winter months and enjoy the darkness, and I also love the evenings when it is getting dark by 5pm. It reminds me of seasons in a place where the changes are so slight. I envy you with your well defined, predictable seasons and miss them so much here.

Anonymous said...

I live on Vancouver Island, so our temps will vary from yours, but we have rain and overcast. I do not mind our weather and I have lived in 5 prov. of Canada, so know a fair bit about our weather.
I used to be a runner, and when you are outside daily, you become much more aware of the weather, I think. Our weather from Mon. to Tue. varied by 10 degrees. I watch the change of the mins. of daylight too.

Amanda said...

@Elephant's Eye - it's my mother-in-law we're trying to bring out. She's in the line, but it's moving verrrry sloooooowly!

@Mo - I'm not really complaining about the weather. I do like being guilt-free about not having to do any gardening! But the dark mornings are a bit grim. It must be so different where you are!

@Peg - Vancouver Island is lovely - I've only been there for a week, but we had a great time and no rain at all! Thanks for commenting. :-)