17 July 2012

Climatic zones

The windowsill in the living room is most in demand in the early months of the year, when it is usually full of onions, lettuce and, later on, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Then it's useful because it is too cold outside to grow anything. In the hottest months of the year this space comes in handy again because the opposite is also the case: seeds like lettuce and members of the cabbage family won't germinate when it's too warm.

The large container on the left is holding what I hope will be my Fall crop of cabbages, kale and sprouts. The smaller containers on the right are full of mixed lettuce seeds. I'm hoping these might grow into mini 'cut-and-come-again' gardens that I can sell at the farmer's market later in the summer. I sowed the lettuce seeds on Sunday and they're already germinating.

The plastic cover on the big container isn't needed to keep the seedlings warm - it's there because this windowsill is also home to the cat's sleeping quarters...

...and I don't want her thinking that this tray is some sort of en suite facility.

Out in the greenhouse it might be too hot to germinate seeds but it's perfect for curing garlic and onions (I put a layer of fleece over these to protect them from too much sunlight):

And for ripening eggplants. These are Korean Early Long Black, which seem to be living up to their name.

Today we're heading for a record high temperature (for us) of 34°C/93°F, which will feel closer to 43°C/109°F with the humidity. But we are also under a thunderstorm watch which I'm hoping will bring us some rain - the garden really needs it.

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