26 July 2012

Dead and alive

 There are so many sad-looking sights as a result of the dry spell that it's hard to choose candidates for this post. This is a bittersweet nightshade, which would normally be green and thriving at this time of year:

Even the sunchokes, usually indestructible, are looking more dead than alive. Usually they're flowering around now, but they aren't showing much sign of doing so at the moment.

This little frog is sitting in what is usually a year-round pond.

The brown cylinder in the lawn on the right of this shot is a sugar maple tree we put in two years ago. Needless to say, it shouldn't be brown! Hope it recovers. Today's generous downpours of rain may have come just in time...


Lisa from Iroquois said...

You got better rain yesterday than we did. Got about an inch in the bottom of a bucket and mist most of the day. My sunchokes do not look much better than yours. Maybe all the growth is going into the tubers?

Amanda said...

Sorry you didn't get much rain, Lisa. Hope you get some this week - looks like more thunderstorms are forecast for the middle of the week.